We combine an understanding of market dynamics and construction experience with true innovation to bring the highest levels of efficiency and quality to every project.


Satterfield & Pontikes uses transparency, certainty, accountability and collaboration to work within multiple delivery methods including Construction Manager at Risk, Design-Build and General Contracting.

Construction Consulting

As a CM-Agent or Program Manager, we serve as a partner that adopts the owner’s perspective and focus to keep the owner’s interests at the forefront.

Delivering Transparency and Certainty in Construction

Construction Management 

Satterfield & Pontikes commits to delivering construction projects within the guaranteed maximum price. As builders, we run highly efficient and well-coordinated projects with experienced teams.


Design-build streamlines project delivery through a single contract between the owner and the team. This simple but fundamental difference saves money and time by aligning incentives between designers and builders, fostering collaboration and teamwork.

General Contracting

Satterfield & Pontikes built its foundation of success on traditional General Contracting services. Our system helps us manage bids, contracts and client expectations throughout each stage of a project, leading to more efficiency and transparency.


Satterfield & Pontikes offers a diverse selection of preconstruction services that use the power of BIM as a transparent, integrated approach to drive the efficient, safe and quality delivery of every project.

Strategic Thinking & Critical Leadership

Satterfield & Pontikes provides construction consulting to manage pre-construction, construction, close-out and beyond. As CM-Agent, we help select the design and construction teams and manage project scope. As Program Manager, we are an extension of the owner’s staff.

Delivering Results for Klein ISD

Satterfield & Pontikes used our technology-driven process to provide preconstruction and construction services on Klein Cain High School. The end result was the construction of a new facility with a cost variance of less than a half percent from our estimate.