Cody Simmons

Safety Director
Cody Simmons leads the Satterfield & Pontikes Safety and Quality Control programs which, when combined with our clients’ safety standards and practices, yield best practices outcomes.

Safety Is No Accident

We take safety personally at Satterfield & Pontikes. We begin and end every day with a “safety first” attitude and have a disciplined approach to hands-on safety training, including the understanding that everyone on a site has work stop authority.

Recognizing Safety Excellence

Construction of the new Cypress Park High School was recognized by ENR Texas & Louisiana for Safety Excellence. We used technology to daily inform us of safety risks, assess each situation carefully and work to address issues before they arose.

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Recent Safety Recognition

Satterfield & Pontikes is consistently recognized as a leader in safety excellence. Recent awards include a National Safety Excellence Award from Associated Builders and Contractors, and recognition for Safety Excellence from ENR for Klein Cain High School and Cypress Park High School.