Project Spotlight: Oceans Behavioral Hospital Lubbock

A Beacon of Exceptional Psychiatric Care

Leading the way in psychiatric care, Oceans Behavioral Hospital Lubbock is a remarkable high-security psychiatric hospital with more than 125 rooms. The facility offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient mental health treatment programs for patients at every stage of the healing process. A sanctuary for those with depression, anxiety, dementia, substance abuse and other mental health issues, Oceans recognizes the unique challenges its patients face. 


A Haven for Healing

Oceans sets itself apart in the meticulous construction elements that prioritize safety and cater to the unique needs of psychiatric care. Through concealing columns and fortifying walls with impact-resistant sheetrock, each element has been calibrated to protect and provide a secure environment for patients. 

This artfully designed facility provides all areas needed to ensure patients feel at ease including classrooms, group and counselor rooms, kitchen, activity rooms, in-house pharmacy, and courtyard.  


An Eye on Safety

Safety was the number one priority when Satterfield & Pontikes (S&P) began construction in 2021. The facility was put through rigorous fireproofing and power outage protection. With a strict anti-ligature and tamper-resistant standard, S&P had its work cut out for it. Every door, light, piece of furniture, plumbing fixture, mirror, toilet, and shower all had to adhere to standard. Remarkably, more than 50,000 specialty screws were required for the unique tamper-resistant amenities and required extraordinary precision. 


Obstacles ot Overcome

Built during the height of the COVID 19 pandemic, S&P encountered many trials pertaining to lead time, materials, and the supply chain. Materials were backlogged or unavailable including standard supplies such as roofing, glazing, plumbing, doors, controls, sprinklers, asphalt and millwork.  

In one case, a four-week lead time for windows turned into twelve weeks, which affected the building getting dried in. To keep the project on schedule, S&P used temporary measures to cover and fill window openings with residential glass, plastic and moisture-resistant plywood until windows were delivered. This solution allowed work to continue for interior finishes and saved two to three months of the projects schedule. 

In addition to supply chain issues, the location itself created further difficulties. Lubbock is relatively far from the surrounding major cities where materials and subcontractors are readily available. S&P knew the timeline and importance of this job and brought subcontractors from all over the state that could provide the services and meet the schedule. Many creative design changes, method changes, and expediated shipping were needed to prevent schedule conflicts and ensure a successful, on-time finish. 


One Final Hurdle

Passing the state’s stringent final inspection requires a coordinated effort and dedication to quality and proper execution. For S&P to pass on the first attempt, and under 45 minutes, just underscores the exceptional skill and commitment to excellence of the project team.   

“We knew this job wasn’t going to be easy,” said Stephen Grusenmeyer, S&P Project Executive. “From building amidst a global pandemic to all the nuances of a health care build, we knew we had to bring out our best health care construction experts to get this done on time and done right. I am incredibly proud of the work we did and am excited to continue onto the next health care build.” 


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October 5, 2023

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